Clergy, Staff, Vestry

Clergy and Staff

  • Interim Parish Priest

  • Rachael Subia

    Parish Administrator

  • Cassie Ames
    Cassie Ames



  • Stan Ketchum

    Senior Warden

  • Harriet Erbes

    Junior Warden

  • Rachel Misra
    Rachel Misra


  • Godwin
    Godwin Roberts


  • Heather Haas

    Member at Large

Vestry and Committees

Every Episcopal church is governed by a church board, or Vestry. The name of the church board comes from an era when the board meetings were held in the same room as the priest used for donning his vestments before worship (vesting). The Vestry is the Board of Directors for the church and is in charge of all business and other temporal affairs of the parish as well as sharing with the clergy in the leadership of the congregation. Members are elected for three-year terms, and the terms are staggered into three classes so that one-third of the Vestry rotates off and is replaced every year. If you have any questions regarding the Vestry or how the church is goverened, you are invited to ask a member of the Vestry, especially our Senior Warden (Vestry Chairperson).